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Trending Now: Lab Grown Diamonds!

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Spring proposals, Mother’s Day presents, or just because you deserve a treat — Any time is a good time for a diamond!

Did you know I offer lab grown diamonds? These are the best quality diamonds you can find, for an amazingly low price!

6 Benefits of Lab Grown Diamonds:

  1. Costs 60% Less than mined stones

  2. Perfect Cut, Clarity, and Colour every time

  3. Pro-sustainability, Eco-friendly, Vegan*

  4. Includes a Deborah Kenny original custom designed setting

  5. The Most Affordable Option!

  6. Locally Sourced: Made in Canada

Hang on, there are VEGAN Diamonds?!

You got it! Because no animals, habitats, or ecosystems are harmed in their making, these gems are totally vegan-friendly!

Interested in your own Custom Design? Call me any time! 905-460-5065

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