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It’s been said the Lotus symbolizes rebirth because the flower has to grow up through the mud and deep water in order to bloom in the light. It’s all about how out of those dark times, we will continue to rise.

Carry your inspiration with you! The Lotus symbol pendant and my “Always Forward Never Back” pendant (pictured above) are both symbolic of the power in perseverance, and how we fully blossom over time.

Lotus pendant is also available in gold; pictured above with pyrite chain. "Always Forward Never Back" pendant is shown with pearl chain and evil eye charm above. Both are available with pyrite, pearl, or moonstone chain, at no additional cost.

The "Always Forward, Never Back" pendant is also available in the Medallion style. This piece is very meaningful to me as a reminder to keep moving forward, to focus on what's ahead - not behind, and to embrace the future with an open heart.

Please Note:

Place your orders now to receive all Custom Jewellery designs in time for Christmas. There are industry wide supply restrictions due to Covid meaning lead time can now take up to 6-8 weeks - all dependent on availability. Contact me today to begin creating your new design!

Begin again with Deborah Kenny

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1 Comment

Fernando Pires
Fernando Pires
Apr 26, 2023

Have purchased a few of her pieces for my wife thus far. Many compliments later will seek out more.

Imagine telling your friends "It's designer hand made"not delear mass produced.

Silent can now fill the room.

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